Amazon Smile

Earn 0.5% for Manzanita on purchases made through Amazon Smile. To participate:

  • Visit:
  • Designate Manzanita Family Faculty Organization as your organization
  • Bookmark and initiate all of your Amazon purchases from and you will earn 0.5% for Manzanita on eligible purchases. All of your account settings and Amazon Prime will work exactly the same.


Earn 0.3% – over 20% for Manzanita on purchases made through eScrip Online Mall and local retailers and restaurants. To participate:

  • Register at
  • Designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization:
  • Go to every time you shop online and check to see if your retailer participates. There are hundreds of retailers to choose from. Examples include: Sports Authority, Best Buy, Nike, Alamo, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, Target, Apple, Dell, PetSmart, Macy’s, Lands’ End, The North Face, J. Crew, A Pea in the Pod, Gap, Williams Sonoma, etc.
  • You will earn a variable percentage for Manzanita on all of your purchases (depending on the retailer)
  • Note: Amazon gives 1.2% back through eScrip (vs .5% through Smile), but does not track iPhone and iPad purchases for Amazon through eScrip. So if you are purchasing from Amazon using an Apple product, please use instead. This is true only for Amazon purchases only through eScrip. All other purchases made with Apple products on eScrip will be tracked and credited to Manzanita).

Fry's Food

Earn money for Manzanita when you shop at Fry’s Foods and use your Fry’s VIP card. To participate:

  • Register your Fry’s VIP card at:
  • Designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization (#66275)
  • Use your registered VIP card when making purchases at Fry’s and Manzanita will earn a percentage of the $500,000 that Fry’s gives away every 13 weeks.
  • The amount we earn is based on the number of families participating and the total amount in purchases

Mabel’s Labels

Earn 20% for Manzanita on all personalized label purchases (great for the stuff kids lose!) Manzanita’s Lost and Found chairperson will get students’ items back to them if turned in and labeled! Labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. To participate:

  • Visit
  • Designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization
  • Earn 20% for Manzanita on all of your purchases

Mighty Nest

Earn 15% for Manzanita on all purchases made from Mighty Nest (website that sells safe, non-toxic alternatives to everyday household products). To participate:

  • Visit
  • Designate Manzanita School in Tucson, AZ as your school
  • You will earn 15% for Manzanita on all of your purchases

Box Tops for Education

Turn all of your Box Tops into cash for our school and your child’s classroom can win fun prizes too! Submission deadlines are October, February and May. Please ask family and friends to help maximize our collections. Believe it or not, last year our school raised over $2,000 just by clipping Box Tops! To participate:

  • Clip the official Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops coupons from participating product packages
  • worth 10¢ each
  • Earn up to $20,000 per year
  • See for more details and participating products
    • Submit neatly trimmed, non-expired Box Tops in a Ziplock bag
    • Write student’s name, teacher’s name and # of Box Tops legibly on bag
    • Drop in office collection jar any time or wait for contests to be announced several weeks before the submission deadlines
    • All properly labeled submissions throughout the year are credited to the student and class for the next contest

eBox Tops

Also earn eBox Tops at from retailers such as Safeway and Albertsons.

Note: You must register at to participate in eBox Tops programs. Also, at, track school’s earnings and your own eBox Tops earnings, obtain printable coupons, promotions, bonus offers, and more

Please contact if you have any questions