Manzanita could not be the great school it is without our annual fundraising drives.  The following list details all of our different “passive” fundraising efforts where you can support our excellent school, without selling anything!  Please remember that your donations help to create outstanding educational opportunities for your children that are not funded by the State of Arizona. Our truly unique Manzanita educational experience depends on your continued financial support. Please participate in as many of these programs as you can!

Mustang Bucks for Manzanita

Suggested donation: $100 per student – but any donation is welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Mustang Bucks is our annual direct giving campaign. (Click here to see some of the activities funded through Mustang Bucks)  Rather than ask you or our students to sell products like wrapping paper, cookie dough, etc, we simply ask for a donation from each family.  Last year, Manzanita families donated over $26,000 to support Manzanita’s educational enrichment programs.  This money funds field trips, science and art materials, technology, playground equipment and much, much more.  Our truly unique Manzanita educational experience depends on your continued support.  You will receive more information about Mustang Bucks in August.  In addition, please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher about how this money enhanced their curriculum last year.

CFSD Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Catalina Foothills School District Foundation is an independent, 501c3, non-profit organization which provides support to the Catalina Foothills Unified School District 16. Until 1998, the Foundation focused on teacher-initiated projects in the classroom, such as library books, math materials, telescopes, drama, and fine arts equipment. Since 1998, the Foundation has focused on raising critical resources for teaching positions and other academic programs.

The Foundation partners with school administration, and school-based Faculty and Family Organizations, to sustain excellence in public education. Donors include parents, community residents, and local businesses.

For more information:

AZ Tax Credit for Contributions Made for Fees Paid to a Public School

Earn up to $400 in tax credits for a family. For more information about the Arizona State Tax credit, please check with your tax advisor or visit:

Sponsor the Desert Dash

You can also make a donation of $100 to become a Manzanita Desert Dash sponsor. Your family name or company name will be listed on all the signage for the event. Simply click the “Donate” button at the top of the page to become a sponsor. 

Community Partners

Online and local businesses that give back to Manzanita when you purchase. This money can be used to help fund field trips, and buy supplies and other items for our school. Over $5,000 of our annual budget comes from our Community Partners. Every purchase can make a huge difference! Please register today and support your child’s education!

Please click on the “+” next to the business name for details on the program including how to sign up.

Amazon Smile

Earn 0.5% for Manzanita on purchases made through Amazon Smile. To participate:

  • Visit:
  • Designate Manzanita Family Faculty Organization as your organization 
  • Bookmark and initiate all of your Amazon purchases from and you will earn 0.5% for Manzanita on eligible purchases. All of your account settings and Amazon Prime will work exactly the same.
  • You can also add the Amazon Smile App to your mobile device!

Fry's Food

Earn money for Manzanita when you shop at Fry’s Foods and use your Fry’s VIP card. To participate:

  • Register your Fry’s VIP card at:
  • Designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization (#66275) (***Be sure to select Manzanita in Tucson, AZ)
  • Use your registered VIP card when making purchases at Fry’s and Manzanita will earn a percentage of the $500,000 that Fry’s gives away every 13 weeks.
  • The amount we earn is based on the number of families participating and the total amount in purchases

Mabel’s Labels

Earn 20% for Manzanita on all personalized label purchases (great for the stuff kids lose!) Manzanita’s Lost and Found chairperson will get students’ items back to them if turned in and labeled! Labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. To participate:

  • Visit
  • Designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization
  • Earn 20% for Manzanita on all of your purchases

eBox Tops

Earn eBox Tops at from your local retailers.

  • Visit for details on how to download the app and scan receipts.
    • Select “How to Earn” for instructions. 
  • Earn an additional 10¢ or more – on top of the earnings you receive from clipping Box Tops from the packages
  • eBoxTops are awarded electronically to your school and will be included in your school’s next Box Tops check amount
  • Earnings are unlimited

Please contact if you have any questions.