Gootter Foundation Donates AED

AEDManzanita Elementary School is the latest recipient of an AED, automated external defibrillator, thanks to the generosity of the Stephen M. Gootter Foundation.  In addition to installing this lifesaving device in the school’s main office, the Gootter Foundation also provided training to key staff, who will then teach the rest of the Manzanita community how to use the machine.
The Gootter Foundation ( was established in memory of Steve, who died as a result of sudden cardiac death.  Motivated to create a legacy and something positive in the wake of his death, Steve’s family established the Gootter Foundation with the objective of educating the public about the importance of cardiac health and CPR; supporting cardiac research; and providing AED machines, and the necessary training, to qualified locations around Tucson.  To date, the Gootter Foundation has donated 110 AEDs in our community.

Compression only CPR, pioneered here at the University of Arizona, has proven to be effective and easy to do.  Sudden cardiac death isn’t a disease limited to a certain age, race or sex.  And everyone can be a lifesaver.  It’s worth taking a couple of minutes with your kids to watch Steve Kerr(rrrr!) show you how to do it at

Be a lifesaver, and huge thanks to the Gootter Foundation.

Thank You Stone Aesthetics!

A huge thank you to Stone Aesthetics, a small, locally owned business, for generously donating their time and materials to install the beautiful art tiles made by Manzanita 5th graders.

Even more amazing, Jason Inman, owner of Stone Aesthetics, offered to extend their offer once a year for future years until the installation is complete. This will save Manzanita thousands of dollars.

Stone Aesthetics offers expire tile installation and design for all your home interior and exterior needs. So if you need tile install and design, please remember to call Stone Aesthetics and support this amazing local business!  (Stone Aesthetics/520-445-6595)